Fighting Against the Threats of Pornography

MAP'S Mid-Week Minute!

This edition of MAP's Mid - week minute is a simple reminder of our Give Up Lust for Lent Campaign. Check out Eddie's blog, here, for encouragement!

If I could give the world one gift, it would be the gift of confession.  Confession of our failures and shortcomings is a vital practice or rhythm, especially for men - or anyone - struggling with a porn habit or addiction.

If I could give the world a second gift, it would be grace.  Grace to receive the confession and welcome the repentance that comes with confession.  Both of these are something we sorely lack in our modern world.  In our homes, neighborhoods, synagogues and sanctuaries, places of work, schools, etc., we lack confessional grace.

If I could give the world a third gift, it would be loving truth.  I pair these together because to separate them from one another is to tear at the heart of both.  Where there is love, there is truth and where there is truth, there is love.

If you're struggling with a porn addiction or habit, we at MAP know that you need to experience all of the above mentioned gifts - you need to know that they are reliable and trustworthy.  We encourage you to reach out and and confess your struggle, habit, or addiction, to someone whom you love and who loves you!

If you don't have that person, then reach out to us.  We, like you, are just a bunch of guys trying to live the life we've been called to live: knowing that porn disables our efforts at every turn.

Truth is: I don't need to give the world these gifts.  In fact, this time of year is a season in which we celebrate the embodiment of each of these gifts.  The embodiment of loving truth and confessional grace is found in the person and work of Christ.  

Let Him journey with you as he journeys with us and we - together - commit to "Give Up Lust For Lent."