MAP'S MID-WEEK MINUTE: Are Our Public Libraries A Safe-Haven for Porn?

Men Against Porn's Mid-Week Minute

This week's Mid-week minute will expose you to a horrific reality going on right under our noses, in America's Public Libraries. 

Parents: do you know that your children can access porn in our libraries?  

Do you also know that libraries are reticent to stop it and actually, in some cases, quite resistant to those who have tried to shed light on this pervasive and unfettered criminal activity?

Some boards and employees have actually sought the arrest of those with whom they disagree.  

Yes, you read that right.  

They are using tax-payer money to try and arrest those tax-payers who disagree with them and seek to hold them accountable.

By the way, do you know that the American Library Association made the 2017 National Center on Exploitation's Dirty Dozen List as a major contributor to exploitation?

We believe it's time for the American Library Association to be held accountable at the highest levels.  

Click this link that exposes the cover-up and the crimes going on right beneath our noses. Cover-ups that are funded by tax-payer revenue.  

We don't know how far or how wide this is, but it's presence anywhere, at anytime, in this country should be alarming to every citizen of this land!

Public Libraries should not be a safe-haven for porn!

Men Against Porn stands with you and we ask that you stand with us.

Do you agree?  If so, join us!  

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Over fifty million students, K - 12th grade, attend public schools every day in the good Ol' US of A.

Parents hope they send their kids off to learn important subjects like math, reading skills, science, the arts, etc.  More and more, however, it seems that learning how to be a porn-star, or sex-slaves subservient to the uncontrollable desires of teen-aged (mainly male) porn addicts, is also a part of the national curriculum!

At least, that's the case in one Brooklyn school where a thirteen year-old boy lured a seventeen year-old girl with learning disabilities into a bathroom to an ensemble of 6 boys-in-waiting, ready to have her perform sex at their command.

Yeah, you heard that right.  A thirteen year-old boy lured a female student (one struggling with disabilities) into a bathroom and watched as his cadre of porn-induced criminals demanded sex and assaulted her at the very core of her being.

Parents, do you know where your daughter is right now?  

In school?

Learning what, do you suppose?

This is the type of thing (preteen/teen sexual exploitation and assault) that happens to a nation that's been tolerant of pornography for so terribly long.  This is, as it were, a natural outcome of a generation hooked on porn.

Some might argue that porn and porn addiction may have nothing to do with this case.  And, while the facts are still pouring in on that case, let me present some other facts that help us see just how desperately addicted to pornography the children of this nation have become.

  • Studies show that nearly 50% of children ages ten to seventeen are consistently consuming porn online.
  • Twenty-five percent of all internet searches (about 68 million) are related to porn.
  • Of the forty-two percent of teen-age boys who admit to viewing porn within the last twelve months, sixty-six percent of them report it as unwanted exposure.
  • 116,000 searches PER DAY are related to child pornography.
  • Ever thirty-nine minutes a new porn film or video is created.
  • Nearly thirty percent of teenagers admit to sending nude photos or emails, which is a form of porn-production in its own right.
  • Thirty-five percent of all downloads are pornographic.

Sick to your stomach yet? 

Well, we've not even begun to consider the full ramifications of behavioral disorders such consumption is producing.  Ramifications like an innocent young girl being sexually assaulted by her classmates while attending school.

Consider, for example a 2016 meta-analysis of porn which revealed that teens who regularly consume porn reported experiences of reinforcing gender stereotypes, earlier sexual debut, experimentation with casual sex, and, most importantly, increased sexual aggression against others both as perpetrators and victims.

We may not all be addicted to porn, but we're all porn-addicts now!

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that these boys who abused this girl have been and are actively consuming porn.  It's odd that the paper refers to the girl as the one with the disability.  It's clear, to me at least, that it's the boys who are acting in sub-human ways.

While, as a dad, I'd like to see these boys punished to the fullest extent of the law.  What I'd like most is an investigation into what fuels this behavior and then hold the guilty parties responsible.

The guilty?  The folks who are producing and distributing porn at a break-neck clip.

Join the fight today.

Let's see these boys held accountable as well as those who have profited off of their addiction.

Let's live to see the end of porn in our lifetime!

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A few years ago, Singapore based game publisher, IGG,  saw their annual revenue jump over 200%. Their popular Castle Clash accounted for nearly 80% of the jump.  What you may not realize it that kids who play this game are given access to thousands of other games, for free.

Dozens, possibly hundreds, maybe thousands (the number is too high to count), of those other games are explicitly pornographic.

All of the games are free.

All of the games are easy to download and disguise.

Parents never have to know.

The global gaming industry is one that's been teen-friendly (as a distributor of porn and exploiter of our children) for decades.

IGG-games is no exception.

In fact, parents, you need to know that IGG offers porn to your 'gaming-child' for free.  

Yes, they offer games like Honey Select free-of-charge, to children of ANY age.  

Others titles (again free) in their library?

  • Porno Studio Tycoon
  • Drunken Robot Pornography
  • Bad Ass Babes
  • Beauty Bounce
  • Beach Life: Virtual Resort: Spring Break
  • Detective Masochist (Yes, you read it right)
  • Nefarious (as sickening as it is, an "adult" edition featuring anime characters designed to look like preteens)

Some of the games even offer dating advice to your six year old.

And all of it's free.

IGG, short for I Got Games, is a rapidly growing publisher of mobile online games with an astounding global influence.  This group of investors is intentionally poisoning our culture and the children being raised in this culture.

Men Against Porn is working hard to hold investors like these accountable.  Ultimately, we intend to usher in the end of porn in our life time.

Until that occurs, we will stay vigilant in our efforts to help you keep your friends and family safe.

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The team at Men Against Porn