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No one’s porn addiction is beyond forgiveness…

By Biz Gainey

When one thinks of Easter, they think of furry, white bunnies, Peeps, and baskets so full of candy that we know that a dentist’s visit is right around the corner. But it’s not candy or a furry white character that is the reason that we celebrate Easter. Rather, Easter has a deeper meaning, a more profound meaning that changes our lives forever. It literally transforms us.

For those of us who have overcome/are overcoming a porn addiction, Easter is so much more. It is the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made upon dying on the Cross and His Resurrection – which paved the way for our forgiveness – that enables us to stand boldly knowing that nothing we’ve done is beyond forgiveness. Nothing we’ve done is beyond redemption.  Every day, I am grateful for this ultimate sacrifice, but more so during this joyous Easter season. It’s not pornography that defines us. Are you with me?

We don’t have to erase our browser history anymore because our history – our past – has been erased with the blood of Christ. He makes all things new. This is what Easter is all about. This is why we can shout with impassioned joy that we are new!

We aren’t porn addicts.

We’re men who have been forgiven.

And it is because of that forgiveness that we boldly proclaim: “I am a man against porn!”

Yes!  I am a Man Against Porn.  I love the sound of that!  It’s a great reminder to and encouragement for me to know that I am now – and always – more than mere addiction!  I do not have to stay bound by my addiction any longer.  It’s not a statement of perfection.  Nor is it a way for me to say that I am beyond the pull of porn.  Rather, it’s a bold proclamation – similar to the empty tomb on Easter Sunday – that the tomb of porn addiction, no matter how powerful its pull may be, cannot hold the soul set free by the love of Christ!

To say that I am a Man Against Porn is to testify that Christ has, is, and will always do for me that which I am unable to do for myself.  That is, Christ offers me forgiveness and grants me security in the freedom his forgiveness provides!  To say that I am a Man Against Porn is to say that my identity is found in my relationship to Christ as His child.  As such, though the power and pull of porn are strong, I am no longer bound by my addiction!   To say I am a Man Against Porn is to say that because He lives, all is well!  Because He lives, I am free!

I hope that you, like me, have had a personal encounter that gives meaning to your everyday life. If not, I encourage you to contact me with any questions you may have. We’re in this together, so I’d be crazy not to tell you about this liberating Joy that I have found. Contact me!

Easter is the perfect time to receive God’s grace and mercies… You are forgiven and loved!  To be forgiven and loved is to be set free!  So, let’s live into the freedom Easter proclaims and Christ provides this Resurrection weekend!

Because He lives,

Biz Gainey

PS: If you haven’t already, it is imperative to find a support group, where you can be paired with another man or woman, who has overcome addictions to pornography.  You can find more about resources to help you make this step in our Memes and Partners section.