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A few years ago, Singapore based game publisher, IGG,  saw their annual revenue jump over 200%. Their popular Castle Clash accounted for nearly 80% of the jump.  What you may not realize it that kids who play this game are given access to thousands of other games, for free.

Dozens, possibly hundreds, maybe thousands (the number is too high to count), of those other games are explicitly pornographic.

All of the games are free.

All of the games are easy to download and disguise.

Parents never have to know.

The global gaming industry is one that's been teen-friendly (as a distributor of porn and exploiter of our children) for decades.

IGG-games is no exception.

In fact, parents, you need to know that IGG offers porn to your 'gaming-child' for free.  

Yes, they offer games like Honey Select free-of-charge, to children of ANY age.  

Others titles (again free) in their library?

  • Porno Studio Tycoon
  • Drunken Robot Pornography
  • Bad Ass Babes
  • Beauty Bounce
  • Beach Life: Virtual Resort: Spring Break
  • Detective Masochist (Yes, you read it right)
  • Nefarious (as sickening as it is, an "adult" edition featuring anime characters designed to look like preteens)

Some of the games even offer dating advice to your six year old.

And all of it's free.

IGG, short for I Got Games, is a rapidly growing publisher of mobile online games with an astounding global influence.  This group of investors is intentionally poisoning our culture and the children being raised in this culture.

Men Against Porn is working hard to hold investors like these accountable.  Ultimately, we intend to usher in the end of porn in our life time.

Until that occurs, we will stay vigilant in our efforts to help you keep your friends and family safe.

Please help us by sharing these posts and engaging with us in this battle!

The team at Men Against Porn