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Men Against Porn's Mid-Week Minute: A Three-Pronged Approach Toward Renewal and Hope!

A Three-Pronged Approach Toward Renewal and Hope!

Resisting porn and recovering from one's addiction is never, ever easy.

Yet, one can live free and people often find freedom.

This week's Mid-Week Minute offers a three-pronged approach to help you in your movement away from addiction toward a new-found freedom.


  1. RESIST THE PORN-PULL.  When you are first tempted, it's important to resist that temptation and replace it with positive input.  DON'T ENTERTAIN THE THOUGHT THAT ONE CLICK IS OKAY!  Rather than give in, resist the temptation and REPLACE it, quickly! How can you replace it?  That leads us to step two. . . 

  2. REST WITH GOOD FRIENDS.  An effective way to battle porn's pull is to lean into meaningful community! Call a friend.  Visit a family member.  Run to an accountability partner!  Visit a local house of worship or community center.  Talk to your coach, teacher, parent, pastor, etc.  Just don't try to fight alone!
  3. REKINDLE REAL LOVE.  Porn is fake love, false love, NO LOVE, period!  It's the absolute opposite of love!!  As you find rest, you'll then find strength to run to real love: the love of a spouse, a brother, sister, child, parent, etc.  Light the flame of lasting love and rekindle the life that you've always longed to live.

We at Men Against Porn are here to help.  

We hope and work for nothing less than the eradication of pornography in our life time.  

We invite you to join us!  If we can be of any assistance, please reach out!

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