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Men Against Porn's Mid-Week Minute: Envisioning the Person I Could Become When I am Finally Free!

We know that porn addicts can break free from the addiction by replacing old habits with new ones. Scientific studies are revealing how our neural pathways can be re-routed and re-directed.

The ultimate goal is not that we just quit porn, through behavior modification.  Those who've tried (haven't we all?) behavior modification find that such efforts fall short - again, and again, and again.

We are after nothing less than a renovation of the heart. 

Renovations take time.  Have you ever done a home renovation?  Then you know what I mean. Renovations begin with a vision of a preferable future.  Take a room you'd like to update, for example.  You first 'see' what the room could be.  You imagine new cabinets, pain, decor, etc.

A renovation of the heart begins in the heart, as we imagine - dream of - a different future. Really, it's a picture of what the heart could be if it weren't hooked on porn.

In other words, freedom from porn begins with a vision large enough to replace and rebuild the vision porn consumption has stolen from you!

This week, I'd like to challenge you to imagine a new life.  

What would that life look like?

Take some time and answer the following questions.  These might help you identify practices and habits that will lead you into freedom.

  1. What would my relationships feel like, look like, and sound like, if I weren't trapped in porn?  How would my relational quality improve?  
  2. How would I spend my time with my wife, husband, children, neighbors, colleagues, etc., if my heart weren't occupied by porn?
  3. What might I do with my new-found free time?  What talents, strengths, gifts, hobbies could I explore with the time I once spent consuming porn?

Take about 10 minutes and record your answers to these questions.  Keep them before you and begin moving toward them.  

While this Renovation of Your Heart may take some time - as all long-lasting renovations do - it begins with a vision that propels you further and keeps you going when the going gets tough!

Let us know how we can help!

"Believing for and Striving Toward the Eradication of Porn in Our Lifetime!"