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Men Against Porn & Girls Against Porn & Human Trafficking Launch Two Initiatives:

“Porn is a Public Health Crisis Resolutions”  

“2nd Annual Give Up Lust for Lent Campaign”

#giveuplustforlent campaign encourages not viewing proven harmful content that is acknowledged by states as a major health crisis


Men Against Porn: Eddie Capparucci, 404-788-0002 or edcappa@gmail. Girls Against Porn & Human Trafficking:, Tiffany Leeper


Atlanta, GA– February 23, 2017: The porn addiction epidemic in America is out of control and a group of men and women are fighting back. The organizations, Men Against Porn (MAP) and Girls Against Porn & Human Trafficking (GAPHT), have launched two major initiatives in the battle against pornography.

The groups are working to join with individuals from all walks of life, faiths, and both side of the political aisle to speak out and take action against the destruction pornography plays in destroying men, women, children and families.

Initiative 1: State Resolutions Declaring Pornography a Public Health Crisis

Working with state legislators across the country, a bi-partisan approach has been launched to pass state resolutions addressing the crisis and declaring pornography as a public health crisis. Measures have already passed in Utah, Virginia and South Dakota. Other states are currently reviewing the resolution.

Tiffany Leeper, MA, Founder & President of Girls Against Porn and Human Trafficking, says, “The resolution movement is designed to draw attention to the serious health hazard of pornography that impacts men, women and children.  There isn’t an event I’ve attended where someone does not relay to me the detrimental impact that pornography has had on his or her life, or someone they know. The fact must be relayed that sex trafficking is occurring, because there is a demand due to the availability of porn on the Internet because of the lack of enforcement of current laws by the Department of Justice.”

Initiative 2: Give Up Lust For Lent

Men Against Porn is launching its second annual “Give Up Lust for Lent” initiative.

It is an initiative for men of faith to examine their hearts and assess if they are honoring the women in their lives and determine if they are being good role models for their children.

Eddie Capparucci, LPC, CSAS; MAP Administrator; and Resolution State Leader, sees Lent, as a great opportunity for men of faith to make a concentrated effort to stop using pornography.

“Lent is a season for men to renew their faith commitment,” he says. “And it is also a time for them to engage in self-reflection to move away from their selfish actions and instead spend time productively in honoring commandments and commitments to the women and children in their lives.”

“We hope ‘Give Up Lust For Lent’ will encourage men to not only stop watching pornography, but to get involved in efforts that remove porn from their own communities, such as helping to lead a “Porn is a Public Health Crisis Resolution” in their states,” Capparucci said.

“Too many people think pornography is harmless,” he continues. “But that is the furthest thing from the truth. It destroys marriages, ruins careers, corrupts our children by teaching them to objectify and degrade women.”

Men and women are being asked to show their support for this initiative and comment on Twitter using the #giveuplustforlent hashtag.

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Men Against Porn is a community for men and action group, dedicated to helping men be their all, free from shame, pain, and harm that porn addiction causes, while mobilizing men to live a porn-free life, in addition to empowering men to connect to community, and trains on taking action to help curb porn availability. They have launched the Give Up Lust for Lent, 10-Day Porn-Free Challenge campaigns, and lead efforts nationally to declare porn as a public health crisis at state legislatures. More information is available at:

Girls Against Porn & Human Trafficking, is a action coalition of women worldwide, that initiated in-flight airline filtering implemented on most major airlines, formed the coalition for the take down of NBC’s The Playboy Club, porn club halting on campuses, funding pulled/mobilization against University of Tennessee’s exploitative/harassing Sex Week, partnering with BP and other petroleum company campaigns in removing porn from gas stations, and initiated the mobilization against David Ogden at the Department of Justice, along with several other successful women’s and child protection initiatives.  More information is available at: